• GIFT FOR HER: It is a perfect gift with practical use and stylish look for yourself, mom, grandma, teenage girls to show your care and taste. A beautiful gift to make her feel safe and get peace in mind.

  • PERSONAL ALARM: The emergency alarm could last 50 minutes continuous 130db ear-piercing alarm to attract immediate attention and scare the bad ones away. The pin is easy to be pulled out and inserted back in while the alarm stayed in the key chain. The built-in LED light is a plus for any emergency use in dark.

  • SAFETY KEYCHAIN: People are attacked all the time and this is one form of self defense that will give the attacker a devastating blow so the victim has a chance to run.

  • SOFT POM POM: The super soft and fluffy fur pom pom is made with faux rabbit fur, approx. 2.75 inch / 8 cm in diameter. This is the little extra added the kit to bring your mind out of worrying personal security and get stress relieved

  • CHAPSTICK HOLDER & LANYARD: It is a brilliant idea to attach your lipstick on the key chains as people lost them all the time! The lip balm holder (for normal sized chapstick) and lanyard wristlet kit is made with neoprene material, which is lasting, light weighted and soft.

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