• Soft ear straps: stretchable materials are used, and the ear straps have high elasticity, so even if you wear them for a long time, it will not hurt your ears. Sturdy and suitable for most adult boys and girls.

  • Multiple dustproof, multiple folds, very breathable protection device, and insert additional filters in the pollution, so as to double the protection of harmful substances, gases and odors.

  • Applicable places: very suitable for outdoor or indoor use; classrooms, offices, bus stations, airports, railway stations, cars and supermarkets.

  • It can be used by men and women, and can be used in all seasons without affecting daily life.

  • For best results, we recommend changing the filter once a week. And can not be washed and reused. But the shell can be reused and cleaned.

  • Adjustable: 

    1-Adjustable nose clip makes the mask fit your face perfectly and prevents fogging when you wear glasses. 

    2-Adjustable earrings to maximize your comfort.

    Marvin Martian face mask Breathable and dustproof face for Indoor Outdoor Home Office Travel